Wigs, Hats, and Hair Alternatives

Wigs, Hats, and Hair Alternatives

Many people treated for cancer develop complete or partial hair loss (alopecia) from their treatment. This is often a very difficult time emotionally, and many patients are not prepared for the experience. Shine provides a safe environment where women, men, and children can find information and solutions to their hair loss.

Shine offers a number of options to people faced with hair loss due to cancer treatment. We have a licensed cosmetologists who provide compassionate and complimentary head shave services that allow you to choose “when” the best time is for your hair to come off.

Shine provides a comfortable, private salon space where all patients and their support friends and family can find information and solutions to hair loss. We offer a myriad of unique and practical head covering solutions, from wigs, hats, and scarves to Chemo Beanies and natural fiber head wraps.

Learn more about hair loss and hair alternatives here. 


Shine carries a select line of well styled synthetic wigs, with the ability to special order your color quickly. Liners, sleep caps, brushes, and shampoos are also available for sale. We also provide complementary wig trims.

Hats and Head Coverings

For head coverings, Shine runs the gambit of traditional cotton squares to Chemobeanies. We carry beautiful, functional head coverings from brands you know and trust, like SmartWool and Lillie & Coho.

Our philosophy is to offer sensible products for use during cancer treatment and beyond. If you’re a person who likes to customize your look, we have many options.  If you prefer a "no-fuss" approach, you will also find a great selection.

Inventory changes frequently. Look for new and engaging head coverings every time you visit Shine.  

Hats can be elegant, like something you'd wear to a wedding, or a simple sun shade. They provide warmth and are practical for men and women. Shine carries hats of all styles in a wide variety of shapes and price ranges that can inspire even those just trying to cover a bald head. There are great lifestyle choices for everyone. Come in and play with the many looks our hats can provide.

 View our Head Coverings Price List (PDF)

Head Shave Program

Shine is proud to offer complementary head shaves, provided by licensed cosmetology/barber volunteers. Head shaves take place in a salon setting at Shine. Your supportive family and friends are welcome to join in shaving or just to cheer you on! 

Please call (206) 288-7560 to schedule an appointment.

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