What to Expect

What to Expect

Before your first visit, you will receive an itinerary with the times and locations of your appointments.

If you are scheduled for any imaging scans or other tests that require preparation, your patient packet will include instructions.

Most adult clinic visits are at the SCCA outpatient clinic on Lake Union. For overnight hospital stays, adults go to SCCA at University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC). Most SCCA patients under age 21 are seen at Seattle Children’s. Patients may be seen at other locations for particular services or patient convenience.

New Patient Registration

New patient registration is scheduled half an hour before your first clinic visit. If your first appointment is at the SCCA outpatient clinic, Registration is located on the first floor. If your first appointment is elsewhere, new patient registration will occur when you check in at that location or will be handled over the phone ahead of time.

First Clinic Visit

During your first clinic visit, you will meet with your personal care team led by a physician expert in your disease. Your team includes a nurse who manages your care, a patient team coordinator who serves as your scheduler, and other specialists as needed.

Typically, your physician will examine you and review your medical records and any test results. Your team will discuss recommended treatment options and you’ll have a chance to get answers to your questions. Your treatment plan will be adjusted if needed after review of any pathology slides, imaging scans, or other tests.

Initial visits with your health care team typically last one to two hours.

Transplant Patients

If you are receiving a stem cell or bone marrow transplant, your initial consultation is with a transplant oncologist who has expertise in your disease. A transplant nurse will give you a tour and help you get oriented. You may also meet with a Patient Financial Services representative. See Your First Visit for patients receiving a transplant.