Four Foci of the Fellowship

Four Foci of the Fellowship

Fellowship in Oncology Chaplaincy


Clinical Practice: Relationally-grounded, Outcomes-oriented, Research-informed

The primary focus of a chaplain is the provision of chaplaincy care (i.e., clinical practice). Consequently,

  • 2nd Wednesday conference, especially the Fellow’s presentation of a verbatim with analysis, will focus on clinical practice

  • Attention will be paid to this in the research paper seminar, in drawing implications for clinical practice from research in religion and health

Supervisory/mentoring times (e.g., with all chaplains) attend clinical practice

Critical Reflection: Spiritual Assessment, Research Literacy, Theological & Behavioral Sciences

The ability to to reflect and assess with rigor and excellence are important in the provision of excellent spiritual religious care, in providing education about chaplaincy care, and in on-going learning. Consequently,

  • Fellow’s analysis of the verbatim account of the chaplaincy care provided will include a detailed analysis of spiritual assessment, needs/interventions/outcomes, theological & behavioral dynamics, and how the care was or could be informed by research

  • 1st Wednesday seminars will focus upon reading, reflecting upon, and discussing a research paper so that participants can better understand the research they read, be informed about the research pertinent to their work, and be informed by the research

  • Supervisory/mentoring times (e.g., with all chaplains) attend to critical reflection

  • Additional readings will be required that focus upon how to read research

Spiritual Formation

Growth in one’s spiritual life is vital for self-care and excellence in providing chaplaincy care. Consequently, readings and supervisory/mentoring times will also attend to spiritual formation.


Self-awareness is essential to clinical practice, critical reflection, and spiritual formation especially as one attends to ones history, biases, distortions, and assumptions. Consequently, 

  • The verbatim seminar will attend self-awareness

  • Supervisory/mentoring times will also attend self-awareness

For most people, the first two foci receive the most attention in the Fellowship.