Fellowship Bibliography(Partial)

Fellowship Bibliography(Partial)

* = Required unless otherwise negotiated. 
  • All required reading is to be completed within the first three months of the Fellowship except for books that must be completed within the first six months
    • the Pargament book
    • the self-care and spirituality book
    • the medical providers and spiritual/chaplaincy care book

# = Copy in the “Fellow Notebook” folder on the J: drive.

“1” and “2” must be read first 10 days (i.e., Lucas, The Discipline; and Berger case study)


#*Baumgartner, Mia. “Response to My Practice [Tea for the Soul].” PlainViews. 5(7). www.plainviews.org


*Fitchett, George. Assessing Spiritual Needs: A Guide for Caregivers.

1. #*Lucas, Arthur M. Lucas. “Introduction to The Discipline for Pastoral Care Giving,” The Discipline for Pastoral Care Giving: Foundations for Outcome Oriented Chaplaincy. Part I. Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy. Vol. 10 (2): 1-33, 2000.

*Pruyser, Paul W. Chapter V: “Guidelines for Pastoral Diagnosis.” In Minister as Diagnostician. Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1976. Pp. 60-79

RELIGIOUS STRUGGLE (Read at least one of the Pargament books)

#*Fitchett, George. Et al. “Religious Struggle: Prevalence, Correlates and Mental Health Risks in Diabetic, Congestive Heart Failure, and Oncology Patients.” International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine. Vol. 34 (2): 179-196, 2004.

#*Pargament, Kenneth. Et al. “Religious Struggle as a Predictor of Mortality Among Medically Ill Elderly Patients.” Archives of Internal Medicine. Vol. 161 (August 13/27): 1881-1885. 2001.

*Pargament, Kenneth. (2001). The Psychology of Religion and Coping. OR

*Pargament, Kenneth. (2007). Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy. Understanding and Addressing the Sacred.

#*Fitchett, George and Canada, Andrea L. (2010). “The Role of Religion/Spirituality in Coping with Cancer: Evidence, Assessment, and Intervention.” In Holland, Jimmie C. Ed. Psycho-Oncology. 2nd Edition. New York: Oxford University Press. Pp. 440-446.

#*Bultz, Barry D. and Berman, Neil J. (2010). “Branding Distress—as the 6th Vital Sign; Policy Implications.” In Holland, Jimmie C. Ed. Psycho-Oncology. 2nd Edition. New York: Oxford University Press. Pp. 663-665.


#*Fitchett, George. (2011). “Making Our Case(s).” Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy. Vol. 17 (1-2): 3-18

#*Cooper, Rhonda S. (2011). “Case Study of a Chaplain’s Spiritual Care for a Patient with Advanced Metastatic Breast Cancer.” Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy. Vol. 17 (1-2): 19-37.

#*King, Stephen D. W. (2011). “Touched by an Angel: A Chaplain’s Response to the Case Study’s Key Interventions, Styles, and Themes/Outcomes.” Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy. Vol. 17 (1-2): 38-45.

2. #*Berger, Julie Allen. “A Case Study: Linda.” Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy. Vol. 10 (2): 35-43, 2001.

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#*Hunt, Linda M. “Beyond Cultural Competence: Applying Humility to Clinical Settings.” In Park Ridge Center Bulletin. 

Fadiman, Anne. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down.

Augsberger, David. Conflict Mediation Across Cultures.


Farley, Wendy. Tragic Vision, Divine Compassion.

SELF CARE & SPIRITUALITY (Required to read one of these or another of your choosing or a practical DVD)

Muller, Wayne. Sabbath. Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives (creating “Sabbath” in today’s busy world”).

Muller, Wayne. How Then, Shall We Live? Four Simple Questions that Reveal the Beauty and Meaning of Our Lives.

Kidd, Sue Monk. Waiting with the Heart (a lay reflection on “waiting”)

Ladinsky, Daniel. Love Poems from God (Poems from mystics from different faith traditions over the centuries).

Remen, Rachel Naomi. Kitchen Table Wisdom.

Keating, Thomas. Open Mind, Open Heart.

Easwaren, Eknath. Passage Meditation: Bringing the Deep Wisdom of the Heart into Daily Life. 2008


Frank, Arthur W. The Wounded Storyteller (reflection on patient life from a medical sociologist and former cancer and heart patient as a 40 y/o man)

Fisch and Bruera, eds., Handbook of Advance Cancer Care (reference book on various cancer diagnoses and patient care issues, the editors being from MD Anderson) www.seattlecca.org


Koenig, Harold. Spirituality and Patient Care.

Puchalski, Christina; and Farrell, Betty. (2010). Making Health Care Whole. Templeton Press.

Puchalski, Christina M. ( 2006). A Time for Listening and Caring. Spirituality and the Care of the Chronically Ill and Dying. New York: Oxford Press.


Barbour, Ian. Religion in an Age of Science (a profound book on philosophy of science and theodicy from a process philosophy/theology perspective)

Hunter, Rodney, et al. Eds. Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling (great encyclopedic dictionary resource for exploring issues in a brief but significant way)

Cobb, John. Theology of Pastoral Care (brief theology from a process perspective)

Cobb, John; and Griffin, David. Process Theology: An Introductory Exposition. Westminster John Knox Press, 1977.


*J: Pastoral Care > Fellowship folder > Nurse Ed Days [Power Point]

*J: Pastoral Care > Resources > Tools for Grief and Loss Work with Oncology Patients

* J: Pastoral Care > Resources > Clinical Strategies for Post Traumatic Growth

*# Syrjala KL, Langer SL, Abrams JR, Storer BE, Martin PJ (Sep 2005) Late effects of hematopoietic cell transplantation among 10-year adult survivors compared with case-matched controls., Journal of Clinical Oncology : Official Journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology., 23 (27), 6596-606.

*#Andrykowski, Michael A. et al. “Long-Term Health-Related Quality of Life, Growth, and Spiritual Well-Being After Hematopoietic Stem-Cell Transplantation.” Journal of Clinical Oncology. 23(3; January 20, 2005): 599-608.

Koenig, Harold. Handbook of Religion and Health.


*#King, Stephen D. W. Trust the Process: A History of Clinical Pastoral Education as Theological Education (only the last chapter is required).

Koenig, Harold. Spirituality in Patient Care. Rev. Ed.

Jarvis, Debra. It’s Not About the Hair. And Other Certainties of Life and Cancer.


*#"Professional Chaplaincy: Its Role and Importance in Healthcare." www.professionalchaplains.org/content.asp?contentid=162

*"Standards of Practice for Professional Chaplains in Acute Care Settings." Please see www.professionalchaplains.org/content.asp?contentid=200 and look for the draft document.

Williams, Daniel Day. The Minister and the Care of Souls. New York: Harper and Brohthers, Publishers, 1961.