Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

Falls are a common problem among people with cancer, regardless of age. Some of the reasons for the increased risk of falls are:

  • Certain medications
  • Bone involvement of the cancer
  • Dizziness
  • Low blood counts
  • Urinary or bowel changes
  • Numbness in the feet from chemotherapy

People with cancer who fall are often more at risk of serious injury or even death because of bone weakness or low platelets.

Read about how you can prevent falls.

Outpatient Fall-Risk Screening

  • We screen you for a risk for falls by asking you “Have you fallen in the last month?”
  • If the answer is yes, a registered nurse will conduct an in-depth assessment. This is done by reviewing your chart, looking at the medications you take and asking you a few questions related to falling, like “Do you have trouble with stumbling or tripping?” and “Do you have problems with dizziness?”  The assessment takes about two minutes. 

Fall Prevention in the SCCA Clinic

  • Environmental awareness: All the employees at SCCA have had training about fall prevention, with special attention to keeping the environment safe.
  • Patient education: All patients receive education about preventing falls in the clinic and the home. 
  • Fall-risk screening and assessment: All patients are screened regularly for fall risk.
  • Risk reduction: Nurses use strategies to reduce risks for falls with patients who are at risk for falling, such as identifying a need for a cane or walker, obtaining a physical-therapy consult and providing further information on decreasing risk for falls at home.
  • Communication: If a patient falls in the clinic, we alert the patient’s other care providers.
  • Post-fall management: We follow a plan for people who fall in the clinic to make sure that they are safe before they leave the clinic after a fall.
  • Fall quality-improvement plan: Each fall that happens at the clinic is investigated to learn from all falls and make changes to prevent future falls.

Partner With Us to Prevent Falls at SCCA

We rely upon you and your caregivers partnering with us for maximum safety. Read more about how you can partner with us to prevent falls.