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Steven L. Rosinski, MD

Dr. Rosinski is a hematology oncologist who specializes in bone marrow transplantation.

Patient Care Philosophy:

Phrases or words that describe my philosophy for patient care are as follows: due diligence, maintaining a level of excellence, and compassion.

Dr. Rosinski's Resume


  • Acting Instructor, Medical Oncology Division, University of Washington School of Medicine
  • Research Associate, Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Education And Training

  • Medical Scientist Training Program, University of Colorado Health Science Center 
  • Internship: Emory University.
  • Residency: University of Washington

More Information

Winner of the 2011 ASH Fellow Award

Dr. Rosinski's Story

Steven Rosinski, MD became a doctor because he was first a patient. 

“I underwent numerous surgeries due to a congenital bone disease between the ages of seven to 16,” Dr. Rosinski says. “As a result of the time spent in the hospital and doctor’s offices I knew I wanted a career in medicine.” 

Drawn to oncology by “the spirit of camaraderie between scientists in cancer research” during his undergraduate and graduate studies, Dr. Rosinski says the time he spent in training solidified his career goals. “During medical school and residency training, I then experienced the gratitude from people receiving care for cancer, and the remarkably consistent excellence displayed by every oncology nurse. Oncology is the perfect fit for me,” he says.

The technological improvements over the last 10 years provide us with the tools to study the antigenic differences between bone marrow transplant donors and recipients, according to Dr. Rosinski. “It is our goal to apply these antigenic differences in a cancer vaccine to prevent relapse after transplant.” Looking to the future, Dr. Rosinski would like to see fewer and fewer lives cut short due to hematologic malignancies, and for the morbidity of cancer treatments to greatly improve.

Outside of work, you might find Dr. Rosinski camping with his family, making wine, and dancing with his wife.