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Stephen Douglas Smith, MD

Dr. Smith is a medical oncologist who treats patients with lymphoma.

Patient Care Philosophy:

Every patient deserves up-to-date, thorough information, compassion, and access to cutting-edge therapies through clinical trials. Designing and individualized approach is very important—one which makes the best of recent technological advances and the increasing treatment options available for hematologic cancers.

Dr. Smith's Resume


  • Associate Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine

Clinical Specialties:

  • Hematology Oncology
  • Medical Oncology

Clinical Expertise

Non-Hodgkin's and Hodgkin's lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma


Dr. Smith has over five years of experience in post-fellowship academic roles, in patient care, teaching, and clinical research of new anticancer drugs.

Education And Training

  • Residency: Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center
  • Fellowship: Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Clinical Trials

Dr. Smith is the SCCA lead investigator for the following clinical trials:

Dr. Smith's Story

Stephen Smith, MD, settled on becoming a doctor while studying biology as an undergraduate at Stanford University. “With an interest in applying science to help people on a direct basis, I wanted to be part of the revolution in medicine related to advances in molecular biology,” he said. “There is no field of medicine that combines the essential skills of doctoring, use of rapidly advancing treatments, and the opportunity to forge deep bonds with patients, than oncology.”

Clinical research testing of new drugs for hematologic malignancies is Dr. Smith’s primary interest, along with patient care. In the future, he hopes that research will be find better ways to eradicate lymphomas. “And for those that we can't, we should be able to render them controllable with well-tolerated medicines over a person's normal lifespan,” he said.

Outside of work, Dr. Smith enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and enjoying the outdoors.