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Sangeeta R. Hingorani, MD, MPH

Dr. Hingorani is a pediatric nephrologist (kidney specialist) at Seattle Children's.

Patient Care Philosophy:

To work with families and patients so that they understand their illness and the effects on the kidney and to have them become active partners in the management of their kidney disease and its manifestations.

Dr. Hingorani's Resume


UW Medicine

  • Associate Professor, Pediatrics Program Director, Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship, University of Washington 

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Reasearch Center

  • Assistant Member

Clinical Expertise

Both acute and chronic renal injury that occurs after hematopoietic cell transplant.  Management of hypertension and nephrotic syndrome and proteinuria in survivors of hematopoietic cell transplant.


Research and clinical experience since starting as faculty in 2002.

Education And Training

  • MD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY, 1993
  • Residency: Seattle Children’s/University of Washington, 7/94-6/96
  • Fellowship: Seattle Children's/University of Washington, 7/98-6/02
  • MPH: University of Washington School of Public Health, 2000

More Information

  • Dr. Hingorani was recognized as a 2013 "Top Doctor" in Seattle Met magazine's annual survey.
  • For more information about Dr. Sangeeta R. Hingorani's clinical and research expertise, click here.

Dr. Hingorani's Story

Dr. Hingorani became a doctor because, " I have always enjoyed working with and helping children. I am a pediatric nephrologist and realized that the bone marrow transplant team needed help managing fluid and electrolytes, hypertension, and renal injury, both acute and chronic in this patient population."

Dr. Hingorani is currently conducting research regarding treatment of kidney injury.

Outside of work, Dr. Hingorani enjoys swimming, cycling, reading, spending time with family, and travelling.