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Ronald V. Maier, MD

Dr. Maier is a trauma surgeon specializing in trauma and critical care surgery, laparoscopic procedures, splenectomies, gallbladders, immunology, regulation of gene expression, and adult respiratory distress syndrome.

Dr. Maier's Resume


  • Director, Trauma Division, University of Washington School of Medicine

Clinical Expertise

Trauma and critical care surgery, Laparoscopic procedures, Splenectomies, Gallbladders, Immunology, Regulation of gene expression, Adult respiratory distress syndrome

Education And Training

  • Duke University School of Medicine, 1973
  • Residency: UW - Dept. of General Surgery (Residency Program) General Surgery 1974-1978
  • Fellowship: Scripps Clinic & Research Foundation Research, 1978-1980

More Information

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