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James D. Perkins, MD

Dr. Perkins is a transplantation surgery specialist practicing at UW Medicine and specializing in kidney, liver, and pancreas transplants, vascular access, and hepatobiliary surgery.

Patient Care Philosophy:

Helping patients to be well-informed so they and their family along with their care providers form one team to obtain the best clinical result possible.

Dr. Perkins's Resume


  • Professor and vice chair, Surgery Department, University of Washington School of Medicine

Clinical Expertise

Kidney, Liver and Pancreas transplants, Vascular access, and Hepatobiliary surgery.

Education And Training

  • University of Arkansas, 1979
  • Residency: University of Kansas, 1979-84
  • Fellowships: University of Utah, 1984-85
  • Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, 1985

More Information

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