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Edmond Ardeshir Marzbani, MD

Dr. Edmond Marzbani is the medical director at SCCA Medical Oncology at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center.

Patient Care Philosophy:

I consider it an absolute privilege and joy to care for patients. Starting with the initial appointment, I tend to focus on patient education, ensuring that patients receive as much information as they need to make an informed decision about treatment. I believe this helps alleviate anxiety and allows us to work together as a team. I favor a holistic treatment approach with a focus on patients’ individual needs and overall quality of life. 

Dr. Marzbani's Resume


  • Medical Director, SCCA Medical Oncology at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine

Education And Training

  • Medical Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Residency: University of Washington Internal Medicine
  • Fellowship: University of Washington/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Dr. Marzbani's Story

Initially, Dr. Marzbani, medical director for SCCA Medical Oncology at UW Medicine’s Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, wanted to pursue a research-based career but after spending time in the laboratory, he realized something else altogether. “I found it difficult at times to trace the consequences of my work to the cure of human disease,” he said. “The connections were, at times, frustratingly abstract and this led me to pursue medical training.”
Unfortunately, similar to most, Dr. Marzbani has had cancer affect his friends and family members and these experiences helped inform his decision to pursue a career in oncology. “Early in medical school, I recognized the strong bond that oncologists often have with their patients and patients’ families, and this had a great appeal to me,” he said.
Dr. Marzbani spent much of the research portion of his fellowship as part of the University of Washington’s Tumor Vaccine Group with a focus on clinical research and translational science.  His focus there involved investigating the efficacy of a vaccine directed against HER-2/neu for the prevention and treatment of high risk breast cancer.  “I hope to continue my collaboration with the Tumor Vaccine Group and other SCCA-based research groups by facilitating high priority clinical trials at the Northwest Hospital site,” he said.  “While my focus is providing expert oncology care, I think it is important to offer high quality clinical trials when appropriate.”
In his lifetime, Dr. Marzbani, like all oncologists, hopes to see the eradication of cancer. “This will require improvements both in the early prevention and diagnosis of cancer,” he said. “I also anticipate there will be a shift from toxic chemotherapy to well-tolerated targeted therapies in the next 10 years, which will certainly improve the quality of life of patients receiving treatment. The SCCA clinic at Northwest Hospital will be among the first in the region to offer these new therapies to patients through our research program.”
Outside of work, Dr. Marzbani enjoys reading fiction, playing guitar and songwriting, and long-distance running.