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David A. Garcia, MD

Dr. Garcia cares for patients receiving ongoing therapy for the prevention and treatment of thromboembolism and other hematological problems.

Patient Care Philosophy:

I treat every patient with the same thoroughness and concern that I would have for a member of my family. My recommendations are based on the best available evidence from clinical studies and always account for the values and personal preferences of the individual patient.

Dr. Garcia's Resume


  • Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine
  • Clinician-Teacher, University of Washington School of Medicine

Clinical Expertise

Clotting, bleeding, and other hematologic disorders

Education And Training

  • Duke University, Physics
  • University of Alabama, Medicine
  • Residency: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Internal Medicine
  • Fellowship: University of Washington, Hematology

Dr. Garcia's Story

Dr. David Garcia is a professor of hematology at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He specializes in treating clotting, thrombosis, and malignant and non-malignant bleeding disorders.

“Hematology affects everything in our body,” Dr. Garcia says. “When processes don’t work, when things go awry, your blood may clot when you don’t want it to. Evaluating the risks and benefits of ongoing therapy is essential to making what is always a complex—and personal—decision.”

Dr. Garcia began his medical career in 2000 as an internist with a general focus on blood disorders, but he always harbored a keen interest in the analytical, scientific aspects of understanding bodily processes. His interest in clotting and hemostatic systems grew from an appointment to serve as co-director of the anticoagulation management service at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Garcia went on to complete his formal training in hematology at UW.

Outside of work, Dr. Garcia enjoys hiking, listening to classical music, and reading nonfiction.