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Benjamin E. Greer, MD

Dr. Greer is the director of the Gynecological Cancer team and a renown surgeon. Read more about Dr. Greer and his work at SCCA.

Patient Care Philosophy:

"I want to be sure that my patients get the best possible treatment. I want to have the best around me, and do the best for my patients."

Dr. Greer's Resume


  • Professor and Director, Gynecologic Oncology, University of Washington School of Medicine

Clinical Expertise

Radiation therapy application to gynecologic cancers.

Education And Training

  • University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 1966
  • Residency: University of Colorado Medical Center Ob/Gyn, 1967-1970
  • Management Program, University of Washington School of Business Admin, 1991
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1972 (recertified 1989)

More Information

  • Dr. Greer was recognized as a 2012 "Top Doctor" in Seattle Magazine's 2012 annual survey.
  • Visit PubMed for a full listing of Dr. Greer's journal articles.

Dr. Greer's Story

Giving His Patients the Best

Dr. Benjamin E. Greer, director of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at UW Medicine and head of the Gynecologic Cancer Program at SCCA, says his goal has always been to be the best.

"I want to be sure that my patients get the best possible treatment," he says. "I want to have the best around me, and do the best for my patients."

The son of Dr. Glenn Greer, a small-town family doctor who practiced in rural Pennsylvania, Dr. Greer took his father's lesson of "doing good" to heart while achieving a position of national prominence in his field. He has helped set the standard of care in gynecologic oncology, a relatively new medical specialty that emerged in the 1970s.

His fight to provide the best possible care to women with gynecologic cancers has included ground-breaking research, authoring textbook chapters, editing two books, caring for patients, mentoring younger doctors, working 70 to 80 hours a week, and sitting on numerous boards and committees.

His research with colleague Dr. Wui-Jin Koh changed the way radiation therapy is given to women with gynecologic cancers.

"Women often don't get the best treatment," Dr. Greer says. "If we [gynecologic oncologists] could make the first treatment decision for all women with gynecologic cancers in the state of Washington, we could improve survival rates by 15 to 25 percent."

Dr. Greer and his team also offer long-term follow-up to their patients, which he says is part of giving his patients the best possible care.

For all his personal desire to be the best, Dr. Greer is quick to share credit with the members of his team. And he gives all of his staff--including nurses and patient care coordinators--an equal voice. "We have a singular focus on providing the best patient care," he says. "The whole group is a team, dedicated to providing the best care. And everyone has an equal voice on the team."