Vulvar Cancer

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Our Expertise

If you have vulvar cancer, you want to be treated by a gynecologic oncologist as soon as you are diagnosed. Gynecologic oncologists are doctors who have years of specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the female reproductive system. Studies show that patients with vulvar cancer have better outcomes when treated by gynecologic oncolgists.

SCCA has six UW Medicine gynecologic oncologists, more than any other medical center or clinic in the five-state region (click link to our profiles) all of whom have unique areas of expertise and interest. In addition, we have a radiation oncologist, Dr. Wui-Jin Koh (link to his profile) who is a specialist in treating gynecologic cancers.  We also have a closely knit support team of nurse case managers, patient-care coordinators, a nurse practitioner and others who play an important role in your care.  In addition, we have a dedicated primary care gynecologist, Dr. Linda Hipps, who sees our patients with pre-cancerous conditions and is an expert in menopause management. 

"Here we have a pure, limited practice for women with gynecologic cancers, or presumed gynecologic cancers," says Dr. Benjamin Greer, a UW Medicine gynecologic oncologist who heads the Gynecologic Cancer Program at SCCA. "That's all we do." This highly specialized medical practice means that patients "get the best care and the best outcomes," Dr. Greer says.