What to Expect

What to Expect

Where You Will Be Seen

Women who have received a diagnosis of vulvar cancer will be seen initially at the University of Washington Medical Center. In some cases, treatments will also be scheduled at SCCA. If surgery is required, surgical procedures are performed at UW Medical Center, where you may also have follow-up and/or chemotherapy/radiation treatments, if necessary. Your doctor or patient care coordinator will clarify the location where you will receive your care.

Follow-up After Treatment

At SCCA, we follow our patients for as long as they choose. Typically, you will come for checkups every three months for the first two years after your treatment for vulvar cancer. When women live far away from Seattle, we try to coordinate followup care if possible and desirable with your local gynecolgist. 

Women who reach the two-year mark without a recurrence of their disease are less likely to ever have a recurrence. From that point, we usually ask you to come in every six months for a checkup until five years have passed.

After five years, a once-a-year checkup is all that is recommended.

Our patients say that they find it reassuring to see the same doctors who treated them--experts in gynecologic cancers--for their follow-up visits.