Sydne Gomez, RN

Sydne Gomez, RN

Patient Care Philosophy

"I believe that patients with cancer and their families deserve the best possible understanding of their illness, treatment, how to manage treatment effects, and the resources available so that their experience provides them the highest quality of life.”

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing, Oregon Health & Sciences University 

Practitioner Profile

Sydne Gomez received her registered nurse (RN) degree after her children started school. “I knew I wanted to work helping others,” she says. “Nursing allows me to use my head and my heart constantly in caring for patients and their families.”

To Sydne, cancer patients are brave people who have strength during adversity. “I feel privileged and challenged being part of their care,” she says. “Cancer treatment is constantly evolving, which is challenging and engaging.”

Outside of work, Sydne enjoys cooking, eating out, running, hiking, and spending time with family, friends, and her new grandbaby.