Skin Cancer

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University of Washington Medical Center Dermatology Clinic

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Hutchinson Center is one of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance’s three parent organizations. It has an international reputation for its leading-edge cancer research.  

The American Cancer Society
The ACS is a national, community-based health organization.

National Cancer Institute
The federal government's principal agency for cancer research and training.

Cancer Information Services (CIS)
This National Cancer Institute service provides the latest and most accurate cancer information to patients, their families, the public and health professionals. CIS also provides personalized, confidential responses to specific questions about cancer. (800) 4-cancer; [(800)422-6237] TTY: (800) 332-8615

The Skin Cancer Foundation
A national and international organization concerned exclusively with cancer of the skin. It's mission is to increase public and professional awareness about the prevention, detection and treatment of skin cancer.

The Melanoma Patients' Information Page (MPIP)
Founded to provide the support and information you need to be a proactive participant in your treatment decisions. Also contains information for caregivers.

The Melanoma International Foundation
MIF creates and supports effective programs for the prevention, early detection and treatment of melanoma.

Local marathon
The yearly Melanoma International Foundation Safe in the Shade Walkathon is in memory of Lesley Robinett, an SCCA melanoma patient. MIF Safe in the Shade Walkathon 

Melanoma Research Foundation
Supports medical research; educates patients and physicians about prevention, diagnosis and treatment; and works to raise awareness about melanoma. 

EPA Children’s Website
The Environmental Protection Agency developed this clever interactive web site to help children learn about the environment and being safe in the sun. The site includes fun children’s activities like word searches, multiple-choice questions based on related issues and games, great graphics and lots more. There are easy, medium and hard levels of interaction. 

UV Index
The National Weather Service and the Environmental Protection Agency developed the “UV Index.” It provides a daily forecast of risk from overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The index takes into account environmental factors and location and predicts UV intensity for cities across the United States. Its scale goes from 0 (minimal risk) to 10+ (very high risk).

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network is a not-for-profit alliance of 21 of the world’s leading cancer centers, is dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of care provided to patients with cancer.  The primary goal of all NCCN initiatives is to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of oncology practice so patients can live better lives.