Sickle Cell Disease Overview
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Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a group of disorders passed from parents to children (genetic) that includes sickle cell anemia. SCD is a condition in which red blood cells take on a curved shape, like a sickle. Normal red blood cells are round, soft discs, like doughnuts without holes. When cells “sickle” it is hard for them to move through the bloodstream. Though very small, sickle cells can damage blood vessels, keep blood from flowing well, and cause pain and other damage.

Today, with good care from blood specialists, many patients with SCD live active lives with symptoms kept under control. But even with excellent care, the disease can progress to cause severe bouts of pain, organ damage, or stroke. These patients who start to have sickle cell complications may benefit from bone marrow transplant and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is the best place to be for this life-saving treatment.