What to Expect

What to Expect

By the time you come to Seattle Children’s, your child will likely have been sick with infection after infection and has probably had pneumonia as well. Your child may not be eating well, and may not be gaining weight as a healthy, growing child should be.

To determine if your child has an immune deficiency disease, your child’s doctor at Seattle Children’s will likely be an immunologist, one who specializes in the immune system, or a hematologist, one who specializes in blood diseases. You will need to provide your doctor with a complete medical history. The doctor will then do a physical exam, take blood for testing, and will even run vaccine tests to determine your child’s immune response.

If your child is very ill, he or she may be admitted to Seattle Children’s to be closely monitored and cared for.

After it has been determined what your child’s diagnosis is, an appropriate treatment plan will be provided to you for you to follow with the supervision of your primary pediatrician. Your Seattle Children’s physicians will keep very close contact with you and your pediatrician.

If you and your doctors determine that a bone-marrow transplant (hematopoietic stem cell transplant) is the appropriate course of action, you’ll want to read more about this process as it is very detailed.