Treatment Options

Treatment Options

Depending on the stage of your salivary gland tumor and the effects it’s having on your body, your doctor may recommend a combination of treatment options. The right treatment for you also depends on other factors, like the position, histology, and grade of your tumor, and your overall health. (Histology is the study of tissues and cells. The histology of your tumor relates to the nature of the tumor cells.)


The most common treatment for salivary gland tumors is to remove the tumor.

Radiation Therapy, Including Neutrons

Some people with salivary gland tumors receive radiation therapy as their main treatment or along with other treatments.

Neutron Therapy

A unique type of radiation therapy that has shown to be very effective against salivary gland tumors.


Not often used in the initial theraphy of salivary gland tumors, chemotherapy may be helpful in some cases, such as if your cancer has spread to other areas of your body.