What to Expect

What to Expect

Anytime you’re heading into a new facet of treatment, it helps to have some information about what to expect. This section is designed to help prepare you for radiation therapy. It includes details like how to find your radiation oncology treatment facility and where to get support so you can take care of yourself during treatment. 

Where Will I Be Seen?

SCCA patients may receive radiation therapy at several locations, including the SCCA clinic on Lake Union, SCCA Radiation Oncology at UW Medicine’s Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, and University of Washington Medical Center.

Your EBRT Visits

Most people with cancer who have radiation therapy have the type called external-beam radiation therapy (EBRT). There are several steps to getting EBRT, starting with an initial visit to talk about your recommended treatment.

Taking Care of Yourself During Radiation Therapy

Your doctor, nurses, and entire SCCA team will help you take the best possible care of yourself during radiation therapy, including managing any side effects.