Proton Therapy

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The Benefits of Proton Therapy

The ability of radiation oncologists to selectively target both malignant and benign tumors with protons offers unique advantages. In brief, these are the most compelling benefits for patients who receive proton therapy:

  • Higher, more effective doses are targeted to the tumor—there is minimal damage to healthy tissue, including critical organs and tissues that may be located near the tumor.
  • Patients often experience fewer of the short- and long-term side effects that typically accompany standard X-ray radiation.
  • It is proven to be effective for both adults and children.
  • This treatment reduces the risk of secondary tumors (cancers that are caused by radiation treatment).
  • Proton therapy can be used to treat recurrent tumors, even in patients who have already received radiation.
  • Patients experience better quality of life during and after treatment. They frequently can work and exercise while undergoing proton therapy.