Patient Support & Housing

Patient Support & Housing

Prostate cancer hits many men hard. It can bring feelings of uncertainty, depression, anxiety, anger and fear, which don’t automatically go away once treatment is over. You may feel less masculine and worry about your ability to have sex again during or after treatment. You may blame yourself for the changes in your life due to your disease. You may feel guilty, affecting the quality of your intimate relationships.

The staff at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) can help you and your partner deal with the emotions and issues that surround your cancer, even after you are cured or in remission. We can help with the issues that may be getting in the way of your relationships, including sexual intimacy.

SCCA has social workers, nutritionists and pastoral services available, as well as psychiatrists and dedicated clinical psychologists who work only with prostate cancer patients and their partners.

Read about nutrition and prostate cancer and advice for spouses and partners.

Types of Support


Housing options for SCCA patients and their families include SCCA House and Pete Gross House. Both can accommodate people needing extended stays.

Insurance & Billing

Patient Financial Services at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance can help you manage the financial side of your cancer treatment.