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The Fred Hutch Bone Marrow Transplant Program at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) is one of the world’s largest and most experienced centers for pediatric stem cell transplantation.

With every patient, we push for a perfect transplant and follow-up care. And every day, because of our experienced doctors, advanced treatments, research, and commitment, we inch closer to our goal of a lifesaving cure and a long healthy life for every child who comes to us.

Most Experienced Transplant Center

The Hutch pioneered the use of bone marrow transplants (BMTs) as a treatment for blood diseases more than 40 years ago. We have now performed over 14,000 BMTs, more than any other institution in the world. Nearly 20 percent of these transplants have been done in children.

Advanced Transplant Methods

We offer innovative transplant methods that provide your child with safer conditioning, more potent anti-cancer actions, fewer complications, and new options for those without donor matches or with noncancerous conditions. Cord blood transplants and special techniques using minimally mismatched and haploidentical stem cell sources ensure that almost all patients who need a transplant will have a donor.

Many exciting cancer, immunotherapy, and gene therapy breakthroughs are coming from scientists at the Hutch and Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Your child will have access to the most advanced therapies being explored in pediatric clinical studies.

Ranked Among the Best

Our unmatched experience and advanced treatments have allowed us to deliver survival results that consistently rank among the best in the nation. In Seattle, your child will receive the best possible chance for a lifesaving cure.

An Expert Pediatric Transplant Team

Seattle is home to many of the world’s top experts in pediatric cancers, blood disorders, and transplantation. Our highly experienced team from Seattle Children’s and the Hutch—two of SCCA’s founding organizations—will coordinate and customize the transplant procedure that is exactly right for your child’s condition. We have the outstanding transplant facilities, robust family support services, and long-term follow-up programs needed to make your child’s transplant a success.

What We Treat

More than 2,700 children, many of them with the most complex, rare, or severe types of cancer or blood disease, have had transplants here. The cancers we treat most often with BMT are leukemia and Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but we also help some children with solid tumors, such as neuroblastoma. The non-malignant blood conditions we treat include aplastic anemia and other bone marrow failure disorders, sickle cell disease, thalassemias, Fanconi anemia, autoimmune disorders, inherited metabolic disorders, histiocytic disorders, and many other rare genetic disorders.

New types of transplants and related immune or cell therapies are being developed all the time—many of them right here in Seattle. If you don’t see your child’s condition listed above, ask our doctors if stem cell transplantation is now an option.