Bone Marrow Transplant - Children

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WHO WE ARE — Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is a world-class cancer treatment center that unites doctors from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Medicine and Seattle Children's. Learn More


Lifesaving Vision

If your child’s or teenager’s condition requires a bone marrow transplant, you should know that the Fred Hutchinson Transplant program at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) was ranked first in outcomes in a multi-year study by the National Marrow Donor Program that measured one-year survival rates of patients at 122 transplant centers in the United States. Read more about Seattle Children's childhood cancer survival rates.

The Hutchinson Center pioneered the use of bone marrow transplants as a treatment for blood diseases more than 40 years ago. Since then thousands of patients with leukemia and other diseases have come from around the world to receive bone marrow transplants at SCCA. Bone marrow transplants have transformed leukemia and related cancers, once thought incurable, into highly treatable diseases with survival rates as high as 80 percent.

During the treatment period for bone marrow transplantation, your child’s treatment will take place at Seattle Children’s. You child will be cared for by a highly trained and knowledgeable medical team that understands the application of research-based therapies and the care needed for pediatric patients undergoing transplantation.