What to Expect

What to Expect

Get Support

A network of services is here to support you during your child’s transplant. Learn more about support options through the SCCA Patient Guide and For Patients and Families on the Seattle Children’s website.

Deciding that your child should have a bone marrow transplant (BMT) is the first step of a long, challenging journey. It is a stressful time and a hopeful time. It is also the beginning of a very busy time. Knowing what to expect will help you and your whole family get ready to give your full attention to your child as you all cope with the transplant and recovery.

This section includes practical information to help families prepare for a transplant—from the first phone call to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) through the hospital stay and the return home. These are some of the most important things parents and families should know as they prepare for BMT at SCCA. You can also read more details about the key steps in the actual transplant process and view our guide Preparing for Transplant. Your transplant team will provide you with specific instructions and full support once your child is a patient at SCCA.

Getting Started

Your planning begins by discussing treatment options with an SCCA doctor. Call us at (800) 804-8824 to arrange your initial consultation.

Where Your Child Will Be Seen

The two main locations for pediatric transplant-related care are the SCCA Transplant Clinic and Seattle Children’s.

Parents as Caregivers

Caregivers—usually one or both parents—provide physical care, observation, and emotional support. They are essential throughout the transplant process.

Arrival and Evaluation

Your child will need tests, and your family will need to get settled before the transplant.

Getting Ready to Go Home

Our Transition Services team will help you with the transitions that will occur throughout your child’s transplant process, such as from SCCA to home.

Staying Healthy After Transplant

Your child’s care doesn’t end when you leave SCCA. Our dedicated Long-Term Follow-Up Program provides lifelong support to transplant recipients.

Transplant Timeline

Here is an at-a-glance view of the whole BMT process.

Important Phone Numbers

Where to call with questions during the day and after hours, and other phone numbers you may need at SCCA and Seattle Children’s.