Bone Marrow Transplant - Children

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What to Expect

As much as possible, treatment for children having a bone marrow transplant is provided on an outpatient basis at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) clinic. This way, patients stay in the comfort of their home setting. The staff at SCCA will help you manage the unique aspects of your child’s care outside the hospital.

Sometimes patients develop symptoms that require hospitalization, and SCCA staff can coordinate admissions at any time. Seattle Children’s provides inpatient care and some procedures for children who are patients at SCCA. The hospital is located at 4800 Sand Point Way NE in northeast Seattle near the University of Washington.

When you arrive at SCCA, our staff will automatically preregister your child at Seattle Children’s, so admission, if needed, will be smooth. If your child is scheduled in advance to be admitted to the SCCA Patient Care Unit at Children’s, then the SCCA clinic staff will tell you the date and time to go to the hospital.

You and your family can expect to be treated with the utmost care and respect at SCCA and Children’s. You are encouraged to ask questions as they come up at any time.

Seattle Children’s offers interpreter services for deaf, hard-of-hearing and non-English speaking families. To request these services, ask your child’s nurse or healthcare provider, or call (206) 987-5010 or (206) 987-5063 (TTY).

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First Visit

What you and your child can expect during your first visit to SCCA for a bone marrow transplant.

Evaluation for Transplant

Your child will need a number of tests before having a transplant. These tests will be done at the SCCA clinic and Seattle Children’s and will take several days.

Where Your Child Will Be Seen

Information about where your child will be seen for their various appointments.

Transition Services

Our Transition Services team will help you with the transitions that will occur throughout your child’s transplant process, such as from SCCA to home.

Long-Term Follow-Up

It will take time for your child to recover from a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. Read about this special program that will help them through it.

Important Phone Numbers

Where to call with questions during the day and after hours, and other phone numbers you may need at SCCA and Seattle Children’s.

Preparing for Transplant Booklet