Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

Once you have decided to bring your child to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) for a transplant—or for a consultation with our doctors to discuss the possibility of a transplant—you will need to start planning ahead.

When you make an appointment for your child to be seen at SCCA, our staff will send you a book called “Preparing for Transplant,” which will guide you through the necessary planning, preparation and decision making.

You and your family will need to:

  • Find a donor.
  • Arrange for housing close to SCCA or Seattle Children’s.
  • Select a primary caregiver for your child.
  • Decide if other children in the family will accompany you to Seattle or stay at home.
  • Make arrangements for school for your child or children.
  • Ask for interpreter services if needed.
  • Make financial arrangements to pay for your child’s transplant and also for your living expenses during the time you will be in Seattle with your child.

These and other topics are covered in detail in “Preparing for Transplant.” Our staff, including social workers, the housing coordinator and the volunteer services staff, are available to help you plan for your stay in Seattle.