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NOW Clinic for Breast Cancer

Learn About the NOW Clinic for Breast Cancer Patients

If you have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, you’re probably concerned, worried, anxious, and thinking hard about what to do next. Educating yourself about cancer and understanding your treatment options will help you feel more in control. The most important decision for you to consider is where to get treatment.

Step One

Your first step to getting on the road to recovery from breast cancer is to make an appointment at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance NOW Clinic.

NOW Clinic breast specialist nurse practitioners, will almost always see you within just a few days from the time you call us. During your appointment, we will provide you with information, prepare you for what’s ahead, and answer your questions to help ease your anxiety about your diagnosis. We will determine if there are any tests or scans that should be completed before you meet with nationally renowned breast cancer treatment specialists at the Breast Cancer Specialty Center (BCSC).

Step Two

After your appointment at the NOW Clinic, your second step will be to meet with your physician or BCSC physician team to determine your treatment plan.

If you are scheduled for a BCSC visit, the nursing team will carefully coordinate your care through your next appointment and afterwards. At this appointment you may meet with one or all of your breast cancer doctors—a radiation oncologist, surgeon, and medical oncologist—at the same time. Together they will discuss your options based on your type and stage of cancer while taking into consideration your general health, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Then you will meet your team to determine a blend of treatments and a sequence in which to deliver your treatments, to achieve the best results.

Watch a video with Dr. Julie Gralow, MD, about how SCCA brings all the specialists to you in one afternoon.

NOW Clinic providers


Kathleen Errico, PhD, ARNP


Kathleen Errico has been a nurse practitioner with SCCA since 2001.


Laila Mansoori, ARNP

Laila Mansoori is a family nurse practitioner with a clinical focus in breast health.


Heidi Trott, ARNP

Heidi Trott is a nurse practitioner with a focus in breast oncology and women’s health/primary care. 

Patient Comments

Read what a few of our patients have to say about the NOW Clinic.

“I really appreciated getting in sooner. This lessened my anxiety greatly.”

“The time spent was very valuable. I never felt rushed in my hour-long appointment.”

“Ten out of ten experience!”

“The nurse practitioner put a kind boundary around what to handle now.”

“I could sense the ARNP was genuine, caring, and on top of the situation.”

“The intake process went very smoothly. I got in when I wanted to. The education materials were great, and I have been reading and educating myself prior to the BCSC visit.”