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Our Expertise

Seattle Children's pediatric oncologists are doctors with advanced training in diagnosing and treating childhood cancers. Their specialized education and experience makes a difference for children and families facing this disease. They understand the ways cancer starts and acts differently in children than in adults. They also create treatment plans based on the established knowledge as well as very latest research into what’s most effective and safest in children specifically.

Cancer in children is not very common. Only about one percent of cancers diagnosed in the United States are in children. So community doctors usually have limited knowledge of pediatric cancer treatment. This is why almost all children with cancer in the United States receive treatment through one of the children’s cancer centers that make up the Children’s Oncology Group. Seattle Children’s, a Seattle Cancer Care Alliance parent organization, is one of them.

Beyond the basics of the disease and its treatment, children with cancer and their families have special needs—everything from deciding whether and how to continue schooling during treatment to planning for possible long-term effects as childhood cancer survivors become adults. Our pediatric oncologists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pediatric oncology nurses, social workers, child life specialists, and many other professionals provide comprehensive care designed to support our young patients and their families through all aspects of their experience.