Newly Diagnosed

Newly Diagnosed? What You Should Know

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with Merkel cell carcinoma (MMC) you're probably looking hard for reliable information about what to do next. Educating yourself about cancer and understanding the various treatment options that are explained on these pages is a good start. We have also created an extensive resource of educational materials at Your most important decision in managing your MCC is selecting where to get your cancer treated.

At SCCA, we practice multi-disciplinary care that optimizes outcomes and is based on the best and most recent research. We have one of the most active MCC clinical and research programs in the world.

Merkel cell carcinoma patients are treated at the Multidisciplinary Skin Oncology Clinic at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance by a team of experienced physicians who are experts in surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, and dermatology.

This team is well known for providing innovative new treatments for melanoma and other skin cancers, including vaccine protocols, gene therapy, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. They are assisted and supported by a nursing staff with extensive experience in taking care of the physical, logistical and emotional needs of skin cancer patients. Patients also have access to a social worker, a nutritional counselor, and a pain and palliative care clinic.

At Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, our Merkel cell carcinoma specialists are among the best in the world and have faculty appointments at the University of Washington Medical Center and the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center.