Chemotherapy for Melanoma

Chemotherapy for Melanoma

Most people who are treated for melanoma have surgery to remove their cancer and do not need any further treatment.

However, some melanomas come back and spread to other areas that cannot be controlled by surgery.  Your doctor may recommend chemotherapy, which kills fast-growing cells like tumor, but cannot always discriminate between cancer cells and other fast-growing cells such as hair follicles and bone marrow. That is why many chemotherapies cause side effects like hair loss and low blood counts.  

Although the chemotherapy regimens used today are usually better tolerated than the drugs used in the past, you may be concerned about the side effects of chemotherapy.

Talk to your doctor or nurse about what side effects you may have with your chemotherapy and ask for their suggestions to minimize or treat these side effects. You may also want to read our Patient Education information about symptom management.

You may also want to read our Patient Education information about  symptom management.