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WHO WE ARE — Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is a world-class cancer treatment center that unites doctors from Fred Hutch, UW Medicine and Seattle Children's. Learn More


Studies have shown that the first treatment you receive for cancer is by far the most important. On average, leukemia patients who begin their treatment at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) have better survival rates than those who started treatment elsewhere.

At SCCA, patients diagnosed with leukemia receive state-of-the-art care from a team of specialists. Leukemia is most often categorized into four basic types. For more specific information about each, click one of the types below:

SCCA was formed, in part, to bring promising new treatments to patients faster. For leukemia patients, this means more treatment options than they might find elsewhere, including the chance to participate in one or more of the 50 ongoing leukemia clinical research studies conducted at SCCA and its parent organizations, Fred Hutch and UW Medicine.

If your condition requires a bone marrow transplant, you should know that the Fred Hutch Transplant Program at SCCA ranked among the top centers in outcomes in a multi-year study by the National Marrow Donor Program that measured one-year survival rates of patients at 122 transplant centers in the United States. The Hutch pioneered the use of bone marrow transplants as a treatment for blood diseases more than 40 years ago. Since then thousands of patients with leukemia have come here from around the world to receive this life-saving treatment. Bone marrow transplants have transformed leukemia and related cancers, once thought incurable, into highly treatable diseases with survival rates as high as 80 percent.