Treatment Options

Treatment Options

Today, women facing gynecological cancer have better treatment options than they did even a few years ago. If detected in the precancerous stage, some cancers can often be halted with a simple procedure.

Each woman's cancer is different, as are her circumstances, preferences and beliefs. A treatment that works well for another woman may not be right for you.

Dr. Barbara Goff discusses advanced gynecologic cancer therapies

Standard Treatment

Most of the women who come to us for treatment for a gynecologic cancer will be treated with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, or some combination of these if their cancer has spread.

You will hear the word "biopsy" during the early stages of your diagnosis and treatment. Tissue samples from your cancer will be removed either in the clinic or during surgery and examined by a pathologist. SCCA has a dedicated pathologist who only works with gynecologic cancer patients.

The examination of these tissues will show whether your cancer is likely to grow slowly or quickly, whether it is likely to recur, and whether it is likely to respond to certain types of treatment. The treatment recommended by your doctors will depend to a large degree on the "stage" of your cancer.

You may also want to consider participating in a clinical trial.