Brain & Spinal Cord Cancers

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Cynthia Cottle-Bailess, RN

Cynthia Cottle-Bailess graduated from nursing school at Intercollegiate College of Nursing in Spokane and joined UW Medical Center in 1985. She started her career as a staff nurse at University of Washington Medical Center. Her first clinical care experience was with Otolaryngology and Neurosurgery inpatients.

“I worked with many patients who had undergone surgery that involved both the otolaryngologists and the neurosurgeons. This piqued my interest in brain tumors and lead to working with neurosurgery as a clinical coordinator. Now I work with Dr. Daniel Silbergeld, managing his clinics, patient pre-operative teaching, and postoperative follow-up,” Cottle-Bailess says. She has worked with the neurosurgery department since 1989.

Cottle-Bailess is usually the point-person for Dr. Silbergeld’s patients, answering questions about the program at UW Medical Center and coordinating the various care providers on the neuro-oncology team. She also screens new patient referrals and facilitates patients’ entry into the UWMC/SCCA neuro-oncology system and sees the patients during their hospital stay, arranges their follow-up visits, and coordinates their post-operative care.

“There is a lot of information for patients and their families to assimilate,” she says. “My role is to help patients understand their options and the planned therapies. Although our team takes care of hundreds of brain tumor patients every year, my goal is to personalize the care provided and take care of one patient at a time.”