Breast Cancer Specialty Center

Breast Cancer Specialty Center

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) and its founding organizations—UW Medicine and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center—have brought together a world-class team of breast cancer experts who focus exclusively on treating women with breast cancer and who provide compassionate, individualized care as well as access to new treatments and procedures.

Your First Visit

If you have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer, during your first appointment at the Breast Cancer Specialty Center, you will meet with a team of breast cancer specialists that includes experts in breast cancer surgery, radiation oncology, and medical oncology.

This team will work with you throughout your diagnosis and treatment to determine the best treatment plan for you—one that takes into account the type of breast cancer you have and your values, beliefs and lifestyle. Because our doctors conduct leading-edge breast cancer research as well as treat patients, you can be sure that you will be offered the most promising new treatments available.

Your mammograms and scans will be reviewed by a breast-imaging specialist, who will will discuss your medical records with your team of doctors.

Next your team will review your pathology slides (tissue samples from any biopsies) using a special microscope that allows everyone to see the same image at the same time. 

Then one or more of the doctors on your team will see you for a thorough physical examination.

Finally one or more of your doctors will meet with you (and your family or friends) to discuss the team’s findings, answer all of your questions, and suggest a treatment plan. You will leave at the end of the afternoon with a treatment plan for care either at SCCA or with the doctor who referred you to SCCA.

In addition to doctors who are specialists in various types of breast cancer care, you will have the support of registered nurses, patient care coordinators, social workers, chaplains, psychiatrists, psychologists, and others.

The Breast Cancer Specialty Center is part of the Women’s Center on the third floor of the SCCA clinic on Lake Union.