Breast Cancer Overview
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Studies have shown that the first treatment you receive for cancer is by far the most important. On average, breast cancer patients who begin their treatment at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) have better survival rates than those who started treatment elsewhere.

As a patient at SCCA, you will receive state-of-the-art care from some of the world’s leading experts, including experienced breast cancer surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, breast radiologists, and pathologists. Newly diagnosed patients will be seen in our one-of-a-kind Breast Cancer Specialty Center, where our doctors help define the national standards for breast cancer care. You’ll also have access here to a range of other health care providers you may need—from plastic surgeons to psychologists to reproductive endocrinologists.

Breast cancer treatment is changing rapidly, and SCCA offers the latest and best therapies, including chemotherapy regimens that are easier to tolerate, surgical procedures that are less invasive, precise radiation treatment that avoids healthy organs as much as possible, hormonal therapy that fights hormone receptor-positive disease, and biological therapies that target cancer cells. Your SCCA team will work together to devise and deliver the best treatment plan specifically for you.

When your treatment is complete, we’ll keep close watch on your health through our Women’s Wellness Clinic, where we provide follow-up care for women ready to shift their focus to recovery.

Make an appointment to be seen by an SCCA provider if:

  • You are concerned about a breast lump, other symptom, or abnormal mammogram.
  • You received a breast cancer diagnosis and want to be evaluated and treated.
  • You believe you are at high risk for breast cancer and wonder about prevention and early detection.

SCCA was formed, in part, to bring promising new treatments to patients faster. This means more treatment options at SCCA than you might find elsewhere, like the chance to participate in one of many ongoing clinical studies conducted at SCCA and its founding organizations, Fred Hutch and UW Medicine. These include studies initiated by our researchers that are generally not available anywhere else.