Aplastic Anemia

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Our Expertise

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has long been recognized as the leader in providing effective treatment for patients who have been diagnosed with aplastic anemia.  One of Hutchinson Center's founders, Dr. E. Donnall Thomas, won the Nobel Prize in 1990 for this groundbreaking work in bone-marrow transplantation. Bone-marrow transplantation and its sister therapy, blood stem-cell transplantation, are among the greatest success stories in cancer treatment and have impacted patients worldwide by boosting survival rates from nearly zero to upwards of 85 percent for aplastic anemia.

Over the years thousands of patients diagnosed with aplastic anemia, lymphoma, luekemia, myelodysplasia, multiple myeloma, and other malignant and non-malignant blood disorders have come to SCCA to receive the latest treatments for their disease, including those developed by the physician researchers at the Hutchinson Center.