After Breast Cancer

After Breast Cancer

After cancer treatment, many women say they have a new appreciation for the small things in life and a new joy in living. They are more willing to take chances and to climb mountains—whether real mountains or metaphorical ones.

Nearly all breast and gynecological cancer survivors can look forward to a long life after their treatment is completed. Your health care should reflect this expectation. And it should include care for all aspects of your health and well-being.

You will need a plan for follow-up care to monitor your healing process and to watch for any possible recurrence of cancer. Your oncologist will outline a follow-up plan for you that includes regular check-ups and a number of tests, such as mammograms, X-rays, blood tests, and scans.

Many women find that they experience anxiety around the time of their follow-up appointments. This is normal, and the staff at the Women’s Wellness Clinic can help you cope with these feelings.

Women’s Wellness Clinic

The Women’s Wellness Clinic offers wellness-focused follow-up care for women who are ready to shift their focus from cancer treatment to recovery.

Your Wellness Plan

Staff members at the Women’s Wellness Clinic can help you put together a plan for a happy, healthy life after cancer treatment.