Patient Support

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Contact a Chaplain

Rev. Stephen King, PhD, BCC, Manager of Chaplaincy
(206) 288-1099

Rev. Mia Baumgartner, M.Div., MNPL, BCC, staff chaplain
(206) 288-8215

Rev. Daniel Hinds, M.Div., staff chaplain
(206) 288-6898

Geila Rajaee, M.Div., BCC, staff chaplain
(206) 598-3891

JoAn Choi, MAPS, Catholic chaplain, affiliate (represents Archdiocese of Seattle)
(206) 598-0679

Jo Nivling, MDiv, Fellow in Oncology Chaplaincy
(206) 288-3153

For Pediatric Inpatient Services at Seattle Children’s 

Rev. Martha Ann Dimmers, Manager of Pastoral and Spiritual Care
(206) 987-4363

We are committed to responding to every referral in a timely manner and making follow-up visits with patients and family members on a regular basis. Because we are unable to visit every patient, we rely upon a collaborative approach to help us know who would benefit from visiting with a chaplain. Thus, we rely upon patients, families, friends and faith communities to call us.