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SMART (2428)
Stress Management and Relaxation Training (SMART) Program Evaluation
Status Conditions Phase Study ID
Recruiting Prior cancer diagnosis Not Applicable 2438

SCCA offers a 10-week Stress Management and Relaxation Training (SMART) workshop to cancer survivors, which provides scientifically sound stress management techniques (such as mindfulness meditation and guided imagery), and coping strategies (such as anger management and assertiveness training), to help with managing stress and life changes after battling cancer. The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Survivorship Program is evaluating the emotional and/or behavioral benefit to cancer survivors from the stress management and relaxation techniques and tools provided in this class. Classes are held once per week for 2 hours, for a total of 10 weeks, and usually approximately 6-10 survivors are enrolled per session. Participants in this workshop will be asked to fill out questionnaires before they start the program and after they have completed the workshop.

Karen Syrjala, PhD
SCCA 206-667-2814  
Eligibility Criteria (must meet the following to participate in this study)

To participate in the SMART workshops, participants must meet the following criteria:
• Prior cancer diagnosis (any)
• Completed active cancer treatment (≥30 days from treatment completion)
• Referral required (from the SCCA Survivorship Clinic, SCCA Psychiatry/Psychology, other SCCA provider)
• May be male or female
• Age ≥ 18 years
• Able to read/write English
• Cognitive function adequate for sustained attention (per referring clinician)

Exclusion Criteria:
• Active major depression or behavioral disorder that would interfere with group processes (per referring clinician)

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March 04, 2011
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