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Questions to Ask About Clinical Studies

You can use the following questions to gather and keep track of information about clinical studies you are eligible for and may be considering as a treatment option. Print this page to use as a worksheet.

Study Name

Record the name of the study and any details that will help you distinguish the study from others you may be considering.

Study Details

Record details of the study, including answers to the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of this study?

  • What type of study is this?

  • What is the phase of this study

  • What tests and treatments does the study involve?

  • How is the treatment in the study different from standard treatment for my disease?

  • How long will the study last?

  • What are the potential benefits compared to other treatment options?

  • What are the risks?

  • How do the possible side effects compare to the side effects of standard treatment?

  • Does my family understand the risks, and are they comfortable with them?

  • What does the study involve: what kinds of tests and treatments?

  • How long will the study last?

  • What is known about the new intervention being studied? What results—efficacy and side effects—have been reported?

  • What are the benefits and risks associated with participating in this study?  

  • What are the alternatives to participating in this study?

  • Who will monitor my care and safety during the study?

  • Will my health insurance plan pay for treatment I receive in this study? Are there additional costs to me associated with this study? What financial resources besides insurance are available to me to help pay? Read more about health insurance and studies.

  • What are the logistics of participating? Do I live close to the clinic where the study is taking place, or am I willing and able to travel to participate in it? What kinds of support will be available to me and my family if I participate?

  • After getting a chance to read the informed consent, do I understand the study and do I feel comfortable participating?

Discuss any questions with your Seattle Cancer Care Alliance treatment team as well as family and friends to ensure you have as much information as you need to make the right decision for yourself.