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Childhood Cancer Survivors

Danel Lawrence talks about being hospitalized for months with leukemia at age 15 Pediatric cancer patients and their families find themselves in new circumstances after cancer treatment. Now is the time for follow-up care which is very important for the pediatric cancer patient's long-term health. The pediatric follow-up program at Seattle Children's Hospital is appropriately named the Cancer Survivor Program.

The Cancer Survivor Program at Seattle Children's Hospital offers treatment, support and education for pediatric cancer survivors and their families. We are also here to help educate your child's primary care physicians and other relevant persons in the years following your child's cancer treatment. As a cancer survivor, your child might need specific information on late effects of treatment or need support dealing with social or learning issues that might arise after their treatment for cancer has ended.

In the Cancer Survivor Program clinic, your child will be given a thorough screening and health evaluation by our medical staff. Your child will leave with a treatment summary that contains your child's treatment history and all medical information that is pertinent to their diagnosis and any late effects they might experience. This treatment summary will have recommendations for your child's health-care provider to keep your child as healthy and you as informed as possible in the years following treatment for pediatric cancer.

To get more information about the Cancer Survivor Program, to find out if you are eligible or to make an appointment to be seen by the program, please call Karen Wilkinson at (206) 987-4752.