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What Chaplains Do

Available Chaplaincy Services

As chaplains, we would welcome the opportunity to be:

  • A companion on your journey
  • An empathic listener to the one who is experiencing spiritual or emotional distress
  • A conversational partner to the seeker, questioner or explorer
  • A provider of religious rituals such as anointing, communion, prayer and blessings
  • A resource for the one seeking a local faith community similar to one back home or seeking spiritual literature or tapes
  • A friend to the agnostic
  • A comforter to the one who grieves one or multiple losses
  • A help to the one making significant decisions
  • A conversational partner to talk about dying, death and afterlife
  • A celebrator with the one who has good news
  • A help in living life as a person with or after a cancer diagnosis

More Information

For more information, or to speak with a chaplain, please call (206) 288-1099 or e-mail us at