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SCCA Cancer News Watch

SCCA's compilation of important cancer news from around the world.

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For a Doctor, Survival and Transformation

Times Health Columnist Jane Brody interviews SCCA's Dr. Kimberly Allison about her transformative battle with breast cancer  

Simplier, Less Painful Blood Marrow Tests Encourage More Donors

KING 5's Jean Enersen goes to SCCA to find out how the donation procedure for blood marrow donors has changed for the better.  

Breast-cancer Blogger Gets Drugs Closer to Patients

Jean Sather, a Seattle blogger and assertive cancer patient who has helped bring an experimental breast-cancer drug closer to the homes of patients who need it most. SCCA's Dr. Julie Gralow, who is in charge of the trial here, calls Sather "a great example of an educated and informed patient advocate."  

Could Your Cell Phone Be Killing You?

Yesterday, the World Health Organization issued a report linking cell phone usage and increased cancer risk. However, in this Q13Fox interview, SCCA's Dr. Marc Chamberlain expresses serious reservations about the research behind the WHO report  

Drug Found to Prolong Lives of Melanoma Patients Is Approved

Yervoy, the first drug shown to prolong the lives of people with the skin cancer melanoma recently won approval from the FDA. Yervoy is an example of an emerging class of treatments known as immunotherapy that harness the body’s own immune system to fight tumors  

Making Her Life an Open Book to Promote Expanded Care

Felicia Knaul, a health economist at Harvard Medical School in Boston, doesn't mind telling in detail how breast cancer changed her marriage, her family, and her career. In her mission to shatter taboos around the disease and improve the lives of patients in developing countries, her professional and private lives have become one.   

Early Breast Cancers May Need Less Lymph Node Surgery

Some women with early breast cancers can safely opt for less surgery, greatly reducing the risk of painful long-term complications, according to a new study that's already changing standard medical practice, including those at SCCA  

Blood Test to Spot Cancer Gets Big Boost

A blood test so sensitive that it can spot a single cancer cell lurking among a billion healthy ones is moving one step closer to being available at your doctor's office.  

2011  |  2010  |  2009