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Joan Bowman's art joins that of other women with breast cancer in "Innervisions," an exhibition that includes paintings, photographs and hand-knitted socks with pink toes. 

The first Innervisions' show was hung in 1996, the year Bowman was diagnosed. Dr. Julie Gralow, an SCCA oncologist, was one of the founders, and Bowman was her patient. Bowman, grateful for the organization, says, "It kept me painting."

"The idea was to show art by breast cancer survivors and their friends and family at a kickoff for a fundraiser for breast cancer research called 'Two Chicks, Two Bikes, One Cause,'" says Innervisions member Alison Longley.

"Two young women, one whose mother had breast cancer, bicycled cross-country starting in Seattle and ending in New York. The 'Two Chicks' fundraiser was a great success, and the art show was so popular the artists decided not to disband it, but to continue showing the art."

Since then, Innervisions has incorporated as a nonprofit (Innervisions: Pacific Northwest Breast Cancer Art Association) run by its 35 member artists. It has mounted shows in dozens of locations, including SCCA, in the Pacific Northwest and in the nation's capital as well.

In 2001 Innervisions' members decorated a winged pig, "Pigasus," as part of the Pike Place Market Foundation's very successful fundraiser, "Pigs on Parade."

Innervisions offers women with breast cancer "an emotional and creative outlet," says Dr. Gralow, who has one of Bowman's prints hanging over her desk. "It's a way to express the journey of breast cancer."

At present, some of the 70 pieces in the Innervisions show are in storage, but a few are on display in several locations in Tacoma, including Tacoma General Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital, the Community Breast Cancer Awareness Center, and the offices of Dr. Lynne Clark.

Innervisions welcomes new members. For more information, contact: Linda Ladzick at (206) 248-1309, or Alison Longley at (360) 378-5871.

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