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Where You're Treated First Matters Most

The most important decision a person with cancer will make is deciding where to get treated. Studies,  such as those from the National Cancer Data Base, have shown that patients who begin their treatment at a top regional cancer center, like Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), have better outcomes than those who start their treatment elsewhere.

Why? Here are just a few reasons.

Cancer Care from Cancer Experts

Doctors at SCCA treat only cancer and specialize in the treatment of specific cancer types, such as breast cancer or lung cancer. This focus allows them to develop a deep understanding of both diagnosing and treating the disease. The doctors at SCCA diagnose and treat thousands of cancer cases every year, and it’s this experience that builds the expertise that makes better outcomes possible.

Team Approach

Top-quality cancer care requires the input of several specialists, including medical oncologists, surgeons, radiologists and pathologists. At SCCA, more than 200 cancer specialists work together in teams to ensure that your care is well planned and coordinated—from the day you walk in to the day you walk out.

Unique Alliance of World-Class Cancer Centers

Doctors at regional cancer centers such as SCCA have access to all the latest developments and research in treating cancer. For SCCA doctors, that means the combined expertise of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s.


SCCA Clinical Outcomes

According to the National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) Survival Reports, SCCA patients in general have better outcomes than patients treated at other cancer treatment centers. The reports cover patients that were treated for breast cancer, colon cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, myeloma and prostate cancer.


Treatment at a Top Cancer Center Versus a Community Hospital

Newsweek recently ran an article that explores the difference between getting treated at a top cancer center and a local community hospital. The disparity in diagnosis and outcomes, in many cases, can be quite striking. Read the article here.

What’s Next?

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, call Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for an appointment. Explore our Web site to learn more about breast, colon, lung and prostate cancers; leukemia; non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; and other cancers. And read, listen to and watch the stories of some of the thousands of patients who have come for treatment at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.