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Fred Hutch

Fred Hutch, home to three Nobel Prize laureates, is an independent, nonprofit research institution dedicated to the development and advancement of biomedical technology to eliminate cancer and other potentially fatal diseases.

The Hutch receives more funding from the National Institutes of Health than any other independent U.S. research center. Recognized internationally for pioneering work in bone marrow transplantation, the Hutch's four scientific divisions collaborate to form a unique environment for conducting basic and applied science.

The Hutch’s major accomplishments include:

  • Pioneered the development of bone marrow transplantation as a treatment option, offering a cure to more than 50,000 people a year diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma and other potentially fatal blood disorders.

  • Increased cure rates for some types of leukemia from nearly zero to more than 80 percent through bone marrow transplantation.

  • Achieved more precise marrow-donor matches through DNA sequencing, resulting in a higher success rate for marrow transplants.

  • Performed the first successful marrow-transplant advances for multiple myeloma, and the first transplants in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, thalassemia major, and acute myelogenous leukemia.

  • Advanced the application of stem cell transplantation to a variety of cancers and to genetic and immune disorders.

  • Developed an antibody-targeted chemotherapy for acute myelogenous leukemia, making chemotherapy less toxic and more effective.

  • Developed a technique to insert changes into genes, leading to the first successful application of gene therapy in humans.

  • Used the first antibody targeted against a marker specific to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an approach now used to treat thousands of people every year.

  • Ranked first nationwide among academic and research institutions in grant funding from the National Cancer Institute.

For more information, visit the Hutch’s website at www.fhcrc.org. Major areas of research include transplantation biology, tumor and viral immunology, infectious diseases, cancer genetics, and pediatric oncology.