About Hair Loss and Hair Alternatives

About Hair Loss and Hair Alternatives

Many people treated for cancer develop complete or partial hair loss (alopecia) from their treatment. This is often a very difficult time emotionally, and many patients are not prepared for the experience. Shine provides a safe environment where women, men, and children can find information and solutions to their hair loss.

Unlike most department stores, Shine is a small boutique environment where knowledgeable staff is sensitive to patients' feelings about the changes in their hair. Since hair loss is common for many customers, Shine provides a safe atmosphere to explore different types of hair alternatives and head coverings, and to find products that fit you as an individual.

Commonly asked questions about hair loss solutions

What should I do if I find out that I will lose my hair?

There are many different options for dealing with hair loss and most people select more than one. Many women buy a wig, some scarves, and a couple of caps and hats to meet the needs of their lifestyle, where they are going, and how they are dressed. Many men choose to shave off their hair and buy one or two hats to protect their heads when they are outdoors.

Shine is a specialty store for people receiving cancer treatment. We offer products and services to help you through your treatment process including complimentary head shaves and wig fittings. We can help you with the many choices you’ll have and show you how you can dress up or dress down different selections with scarves, hats, buffs, etc.

Will insurance pay for head coverings?

Insurance companies usually do not pay for hats, scarves, and caps. Medicare does not pay for wigs.

Some companies pay for part or the entire price of a wig. Find out what your insurance company will or will not pay BEFORE you begin to shop for a wig. You will need a prescription from your doctor. We recommend that the prescription request: "Hair prosthesis for alopecia from chemotherapy due to (cancer diagnosis)."

At Shine, we are able to sell wigs to you without charging sales tax when the wig is prescribed as a prosthetic device for alopecia regardless of the insurance company's coverage policies. We do not bill for wigs.

What do hair alternatives cost?

We try to price our items in the most affordable way.

  • Buffs $20 - $25
  • Wigs $120 - $418
  • Hats and Caps $16 - $200 
  • Scarves $24 and up
  • Sleep Caps $16 - $40

Why does buying products at Shine help other cancer survivors?

Shine is a result of SCCA’s Patient and Family Centered Care practices. Shine is the sister store SCCA’s Rain or Shine gift shop, where many patients asked for more services. Shine is SCCA’s response to your requests. Proceeds benefit patient programs.